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1.2 Trillion Reasons To Invest In Cobalt Mining Stocks

Cobalt is a promising raw material.
Battery technology will continue to advance, and demand for electric cars and renewable energy projects will increase exponentially.
Producers of cobalt are set for considerable gains in the decade ahead.

• Demand for electric vehicles will impact demand for lithium and cobalt.

• While many cobalt stocks exist, a few have caught our eyes, which we will cover in detail.

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Cobalt production has been a promising investment in recent years, but cobalt prices can be volatile like any other commodity. The best option is buying shares of a cobalt mining company, but the most significant returns are not made in buying shares in big classic listed companies which are fully priced. There are virtually no gains to be made in pursuing such a strategy. We have a much better approach!



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Why Cobalt Stocks Now?

We look at the big-picture investments in the cobalt market, which should be observed as a sea of change of massive weight coming to the EV sector.

  • While Tesla has not fully disclosed its spending plans, it is estimated to come at the cost of hundreds of billions of dollars, according to a Reuters analysis of Tesla's financial disclosures.
  • Volkswagen will spend over $100 billion on electric cars.
  • Japan's Toyota Motor Corp is investing $70 billion to electrify vehicles and produce more batteries.
  • Ford Motor Co keeps boosting its spending on new EVs - now at $50 billion - and at least 240 gigawatt-hours of battery capacity.
  • Mercedes-Benz has earmarked at least $47 billion for EV development and production, nearly two-thirds of that to boost its global battery capacity with partners to more than 200 gigawatt-hours.
  • BMW, Stellantis and General Motors each plan to spend at least $35 billion on EVs and batteries, with Stellantis laying out the most aggressive battery program: a planned 400 gigawatt-hours of capacity with partners by 2030.
  • Ford plans to spend $22 billion, expanding EV capabilities and opening a battery research lab.
  • Even Harley-Davidson is getting into the mix!

He Who Controls the Spice Cobalt,
Controls the Next Giant Industrial Leap


How to choose
the right cobalt stock

The real upside potential is to be an early investor in a pre-IPO, soon-to-be-listed Cobalt Mining company. As an early investor, you are set to take full advantage of the full upside potential.

A Future
Cobalt Leader

Given all the above, the World needs a lot of additional cobalt for EV batteries.
Our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity investment pick will need additional funding to realize its cobalt dreams, but it is making progress via direct investment financing through private equity funding.

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When our award-winning analyst team has a stock tip, it can pay to listen. They’ve just found a Cobalt sock that has the potential to nearly triple the market, offering a compound CAGR of over 25% annually.

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